What would you do if today was your last day?

I know this is a bit of a deep question to start with, and we’ll come back to it shortly.

As a coach I spend a lot of my time chatting with clients about what their end goal is, where they want to get to. The focus on the future is important, it’s a great starting point to work from when we want to change direction, behaviours and reach success.

You see, the reason we often fall short of those goals is that most of us (me included) spend far too much time working on what is urgent (and sometimes, the stuff that really isn’t that urgent!) and not on what is truly important to us!

We become far too focused on the day to day, making those around us happy, working in the business rather than ON the business, that we get lost in our own search for success and happiness.

A good gauge I find is asking yourself ‘How much time do you spend being happy, doing the things that bring you joy? You’ll soon find your answer.

Making sure you’re in the best possible state will mean you’re able to focus on doing that meaningful work you love and support those close to you.

The point I’m making is that if you’re too consumed with where you need to be, you lose sight and focus of the things that will get you there.

So, back to my question – what would you do if today was your last day?

Would your focus be on the things you’re doing today?

Living like it’s your last day well, that’s not practical every day but connecting with what makes you happy well, that’s where you can find motivation and inspiration to focus on the things you need to do achieve your success.

Are you struggling to find motivation? Are you stuck in rut? Feel overwhelmed? Exhausted? Anxious?

My coaching programmes are designed to support you with whatever it is you’re struggling with, get in touch today for an informal chat and let’s see how I can help you reach your goals.

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