It’s time to pause and reset that mindset!

I do love this time of year; cosy nights, candles, fire on, good wine and food and twinkly lights everywhere – I mean what’s not to like?! I’m even hoping for snow this Christmas – I’m a big fan of the magic of the festive period if you hadn’t of guessed! 

After a pretty hectic year and with lots still going on in terms of business planning for next year, I’m taking some of my own advice and I’m dialling everything down from mid-December, so I can rest and recharge and just concentrate on having some fun & family & dog time!

It’s been quite the few weeks (and even months!) here in the UK; Storms, torrential rain, power outages, instability in government and financial statements affecting cost-of- living crisis. That’s a lot of low energy vibes to affect our wellbeing, I know some of it has with me! It’s hard to feel positive sometimes, isn’t it?!

Now we’re heading into the festive season which is meant to be full of cheer, but it can be difficult heading into the run up to Christmas for some, it can be a stressful and/or upsetting time. We’ve sadly had a few deaths in the family over the last 18 months, so it will be a different Christmas for us too this year.

Learning to watch out for, and to recognise, the signs of low energy vibrations is essential to maintain a healthy mindset. Knowing techniques to overcome them is even more crucial!

Now, it is ok not to be OK ALL the time, no one can be fully happy and positive all the time, that’s just unrealistic (and unhealthy). What I’m referring to here is having the tools and techniques to help you lift out of it when you feel low and to not stay in those low vibes for too long.

Spending less time watching things like the news and doing more of the things that bring you joy, well that will help you vibrate higher. It’s really important to limit the amount of negativity in our lives, the things we watch, the people we come into contact with, the things we allow into our lives – take a moment to take stock of anything negative in your life – can you limit it?

The greatest kindness we can show is to ourselves; being mindful of the negative self-talk will help shift your mindset to a better place. 

Remember, we can control how we react to things, and we can control our attitude to the challenges we face. Any low times won’t last forever, be positive, be kind to yourself, you have got this! 

It’s easy to feel really tired at this time of year and just want to switch off but we’ve still got a few weeks to go until the end of the year – think about how you want to end it. Maybe you just need a recharge or maybe you just need a little push to end the year on a high… there’s no right or wrong. Think of one (even really small) goal that you can achieve before the end of the year and then go smash it!

Whatever you do, have a fab December and we’ll touch base again soon!