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Here for all your HR challenges, no matter how large or small!

HR Consultancy

Inspire Excellence HR consultancy recognises that for many companies (and particularly smaller companies), managing people can sometimes be challenging!

As a result, it is easy to find yourself in difficulties with employees rather quickly. Additionally, without an understanding of current employment law, it can often be risky (and costly) if HR policies and practices are not executed correctly. Fear not though, this is where Inspire Excellence HR consultancy can help!

With over fifteen years HR experience, our clients are in safe hands. Inspire Excellence offers expert HR support and guidance without the huge cost of a senior in-house HR professional. It is a great way for organisations to access senior expertise! Furthermore, our services can be on a one-off and/or on an ongoing basis. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get a solution that is tailored and fits their specific organisation.

Our solutions are bespoke, flexible and affordable. We cover everything from hands-on operational HR consultancy support to the more strategic HR solutions.

Additionally, we also partner with breatheHR to offer clients a great HR software solution for those looking for a HR system.

Inspire Excellence can assist with the full spectrum of HR issues. Some of the more common challenges we help with include:

It is crucial to ensure your business has strong HR policies and practices and that your business is fully compliant with UK employment law. Most of all, if you have sound HR policies and practices, employees are more likely to be productive and engaged.

Inspire Excellence can support your business to ensure you have everything you need to be compliant. Thus, Inspire Excellence HR consultancy offers:

  • One off and/or ongoing HR Audits – making sure you have all the required paperwork and checks in place;
  • Support in updating and/or writing Employee Handbooks;
  • Support in updating and/or writing Employee Contracts;
  • Training and development for Managers and also HR personnel;
  • Updates in employment legislation and also support when you need it.

Good recruitment is vital to any organisation. Most of all, poor recruitment means increased costs and wasted time and energy! Inspire Excellence HR Consultancy can help your business attract the right people. We can support in:

  • Reviewing current recruitment policies and practices and then following up with suitable recommendations;
  • Assisting in the actual recruitment process e.g. interviewing and also short listing;
  • Training and developing in-house personnel in recruitment practices and also paperwork;
  • Job descriptions and person specifications;
  • Onboarding, Inductions and probation periods;
  • Succession Planning.

Employee engagement is key to a successful business and can often be closely linked to absenteeism and performance. Consequently, if you feel employee engagement is somewhat lacking in your business, talk to Inspire Excellence HR Consultancy and see how we can help.

We can assist with everything from surveys and audits to focus groups and also 360 feedback. Finally, it often helps to have an outside partner conducting such sessions so employees feel able to open up and say how they really feel.

Sometimes no matter what we do, things go wrong. Furthermore, formal meetings can be very time consuming and can also often have an emotional attachment (for example; if an employee is raising a grievance against their line manager).

Outside, independent support will mean an unbiased view and also helps to ensure that everything is covered appropriately. This helps to minimise risk of an employment tribunal (although it is not possible to completely eradicate all risk!). Independent support also means day to day disruption within the organisation is kept to a minimum, which allows you to get on with your work!

Inspire Excellence HR Consultancy can therefore support with the following:

  • Holding investigations/disciplinaries/appeals and other formal meetings as an independent source;
  • Act as witness and/or note taker in such meetings or hearings;
  • Mediation and dispute resolution;
  • Training Managers and other relevant personnel in conducting formal meetings professionally and appropriately.

Health – both physical and mental, is a high priority for employers due to sickness being one of the biggest costs to UK businesses.

Consequently, without strong absence management policies and practices in place, businesses often find themselves spending more. If you do not manage sickness well, costs will rise and employee engagement will reduce. If engagement reduces, so will productivity and so will loyalty resulting in further costs to the business.

Inspire Excellence HR Consultancy can help! We can support your business with:

  • Reviewing current absence/sickness policies and practices and making further recommendations;
  • Support on individual cases including both Short Term and Long Term Sick;
  • Assistance with Return to Work interviews and paperwork;
  • Support with easing employees on coming back into the workplace after time off ill;
  • Assisting with employee engagement policies and practices.

Firstly, creating high performance teams in any business is critical for growth and success. As a result, organisations who invest in developing their people and create high performing teams are much more likely to be successful and therefore, profitable.

Yet opposite high performing teams, what happens when an employee and/or team is not performing?

Inspire Excellence HR consultancy can support with the following to assist your business:

  • Probation periods;
  • Formal performance meetings;
  • Appraisals and performance reviews;
  • Skills development;
  • Training and coaching (individuals and/or teams).

Every once in a while, a project will arise that may require additional support and expert knowledge. Since most HR teams are working to capacity, outsourced HR can be the answer! Since Inspire Excellence HR Consultancy has years of experience and knowledge across the HR spectrum, we are well placed to support with any HR project requirements.

Some of the more common HR projects include:


TUPE stands for the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations. It is a very complex and detailed piece of employment legislation and can be a minefield to navigate. Essentially this piece of legislation applies when a business takes over the work of another but there is a lot more to it than that. Therefore, there are many considerations to be made to ensure that all legislation and requirements are adhered to. As a result, if you do come into contact with TUPE then Inspire Excellence can help and guide you through the process, and support as much or as little as is required. Talk to us for further information!

Redundancy and/or Restructuring

Deciding to go down the path of redundancy and/or restructuring is a difficult decision to make and can often be upsetting for all parties involved. In addition to investigations and other formal meetings, independent support can mean an unbiased view and also ensures everything is covered appropriately. This means any risks are minimised. Finally, it also means day to day disruption is mitigated allowing you to get on with your work. Contact Inspire Excellence to discuss your requirements.

As a business, sometimes you just want a benchmark to see how you’re doing and where things are up to.

Consequently, Inspire Excellence can undertake a number of different audits to give your business a thorough HR health check.

Talk to us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Developing Managers and Leaders within the business can often be overlooked or even forgotten and these are key people within the business! In addition, Managers are often promoted to Managers because they are good at their job and have never actually received any formal management training.

Furthermore, the saying goes that most of the time ’employees leave their manager and not the job’! There is much truth to this statement. Make sure you are developing your Managers and Leaders so they are confident and are delivering for your business.

Inspire Excellence can offer a number of bespoke solutions for developing your management structure, including:

  • One to one coaching sessions;
  • DiSC Training to enable individuals to better understand their own behaviours and also the behaviours of others;
  • Training sessions and/or workshops;
  • Training programmes;
  • Mentoring for HR personnel and others.

Additionally, Inspire Excellence also works with a number of highly rated training partners as and when required. This means we have the scope to provide larger training programmes if requested.

Finally, Inspire Excellence can work with your business  on a strategic basis alongside your senior personnel.

For example, this could be to create and implement a ‘People Plan’ for the business going forward. It could also be to plan future programmes such as change programmes, restructuring and/or deal with the business in some other strategic capacity. Additionally, Inspire Excellence can help with structuring and implementing CSR policies and practices (Corporate Social Responsibility).

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