How to reframe to a more confident mindset

When it comes to reframing our mindset for building confidence it’s important to understand what is impacting us and where that is coming from. The things to look out for here include, listening to our inner critic, giving way to our limiting beliefs, perfectionism, constant need for external validation or praise and lack of self-awareness.

All of which have the power to consume you if you let them. The good news is you can work on these by connecting to your core values, putting in the inner work on beliefs and embracing failure as part of your journey. That’s right, give yourself permission to fail. 

You see, our confidence can be linked to how we accept our failures, assess them, and adapt our learnings to future goals. With over 20 years of working with people, I’ve seen the challenges people face – heck, I’ve worked through many of them myself!

When you experience a dip in confidence, whatever the reason or situation try asking yourself these simple questions: 

What do you see as a success in the role, project, or activity you’re in?

What strengths can you draw on to support reaching the end goal? 

Is there any external support needed to achieve the end goal? This can be things like further education/qualifications, bringing in expertise, or adjusting your expectations/commitments elsewhere.

Experiencing bumps in the road is expected and that’s ok, as I mentioned earlier giving that permission to fail is all part of the journey, and now you have some tools to help you to accept, learn and adjust your path.

And let’s not forget the power of reflection, once you reach milestones along the way take time to review your journey so far. Taking time to understand what went well, what contributions you are proud of, and most importantly the lessons your learnt and how you will take them forward with you.