How do you spend your time?

I’m a huge advocate of spending your time wisely, and for me that is spending it on the right things. Focussing on what is important and getting that stuff done! 

I use time blocking as a method of keeping me on top of my priorities, by that I mean I review what needs to be done and allocate time out of my day to do it. Now, I’m not talking serene images here of everything going to plan ALL the time, of course it doesn’t, I get those daily curveballs just like anyone else and I drop a few things from time to time. However, time blocking is essential to get things done efficiently and whenever I go through this properly with coaching clients, their worlds change!

I’m not a huge fan of working reactively, in fact I just don’t work at my best in that scenario at all! I’ve not come across many that do either, and that’s why I discuss various time blocking methods with client who also struggle with time management or who perhaps struggle to prioritise actions. 

Do you want to be able to fully switch off when you leave the workday behind, at weekends or book time off? I know I do.

If I recognise that I’m not able to do this well, that’s when I do a time audit. Looking closely at where my time is being spent and if that really serves me well, is it taking me closer to my goals? Or am I just getting consumed with non-urgent tasks and fire fighting? If the answer is no, I’m not spending my time well, then that’s where I start to remove those activities from my day. 

Are you guilty of going into autopilot too? Do you stop and assess where your time is being spent? Are your activities serving you well? 

If like me, you find yourself needing to say NO to more things, so you can fully focus on the right YES projects, maybe it’s time to do an audit of your time. 

Once you’ve figured out the things that support your WHY and align to who you are and where you want to go, you can start to clear out those things that no longer serve you. Trust me when I say you’ll feel energised, and ready to grab your goals with both hands!