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F.A.Q’s about Inspire Excellence

This is perhaps one of the most common F.A.Q’s we get asked. We are a HR, Coaching and Training consultancy based near Warrington and in short, we’re here to help you with all your people management!

With Director level experience available to all clients, Inspire Excellence provides high quality and experienced HR support. We support clients with everything from setting up HR for the first time, to chairing formal meetings, to managing HR systems, to also assisting on a much more strategic level (and everything in-between!).

In addition to HR support, Inspire Excellence also offers tailored, bespoke training and coaching/mentoring services. Due to years of training experience along with certifications in a number of different disciplines, Inspire Excellence is well placed to help clients with any training requirements. Talk to us about any training needs you may have!

We offer bespoke solutions to suit:

Micro businesses (usually less than 10 people)
Corporate Businesses

As well as all of the above, Inspire Excellence also partners with breatheHR to offer our clients a great HR software solution! BreatheHR is a great HR system which is easy to use and maintain. Please check out the page dedicated to breatheHR for more information.

Especially important, we understand how important trust is when bringing external consultants into an organisation. Therefore, we are also DBS checked, just for that additional peace of mind.

Among many things, we can help to ensure your business has:
– The right paperwork and frameworks in place to ensure you’re covered from a legal perspective;
– Employment Contracts, Handbooks, Right to Work, GDPR;
– Comprehensive HR support and advice;
– Coaching, Training and Mentoring as required;

There’s a multitude of ways that Inspire Excellence can help you and/or your business. Have a look through our website for much more information and give us a call to chat any queries through!

We have a variety of packages to suit all types of support and all types/size of business. Contact us for more information.

This is another of the popular F.A.Q’s Inspire Excellence gets asked. Inspire Excellence takes great pride in our work and in our strong relationships with our clients. The Company listens to what our clients want and tailor our services accordingly. We are experts in our field with a huge amount of experience in all aspects of HR, coaching and training. We have also worked with small businesses through to large global corporate businesses, so understand the challenges you will face when dealing with people.

As a business you will get HR Director level experience into your business for a fraction of the cost of having an in-house HR Director. We’re small enough to give that personal touch, but have the experience and associates to be able to scale up for larger projects when required.

As the founding partner of Inspire Excellence UK Limited, Krystyna has spent years working across the full spectrum of HR and in all types and size of business. Krystyna prides herself on attention to detail, being able to tailor services to the Client and providing a high-end level of service, which makes her the number one go to for many clients!

Krystyna has a strong network of associates for larger scale work and only works with people that she trusts and would highly recommend. With a strong sense of integrity and a plethora of experience in this field, you can be sure that you and your business are in safe, capable hands.
To see more of Krystyna’s experience, please do take a look at her LinkedIn profile.

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We’re based just outside of Warrington. Many of our clients are in the North West, however we do have clients in the West Midlands, Essex and other areas of the UK. We work with some clients onsite and others we support remotely via email, phone, skype. Or we can do a mixture of the two! We’re happy to have a chat with you, to see how we can support you and your business.

F.A.Q’s about how Inspire Excellence can help

Yes is the short answer! We can chair any formal meetings for you, be a minute taker and/or assist at any formal meeting. Let’s start by organising a call to discuss requirements, we can then follow up with a meeting (if required) and then we can get going!

Yes! We often go into businesses to do a HR audit and see where you are as a business and what you need to update and/or put in place. The length of an audit will depend on the size of the business, the amount of locations we have to visit and how in depth you want the audit to be. For a smaller business it might just take half a day to a day to audit, plus time after to write any recommendations. For a larger business the audit may take a few days, depending on what’s involved. We will work closely with you to assess requirements, answer F.A.Q’s and to provide an accurate and tailored proposal.

We can also review HR documentation, policies & procedures remotely if required.

Of course. We can draft and implement contracts, handbooks, HR policies and procedures and many more documents to ensure you have everything you need. Our expertise and attention to detail means you don’t have to worry about documentation – we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

Yes. We can either support your team to deal with the individual (and provide support and advice that way) or we can come into the business as a consultant and deal directly with the employee. Depending on the situation, this might be mediation, performance management, investigations (as part of a disciplinary process) or a number of other processes.

We certainly can! We can come in to support your existing team and we can help and/or mentor them if you wish. Inspire Excellence has a strong coaching background, so we are well equipped to coach and mentor any HR personnel. Often we act as a coach to newer HR staff (E.G. coaching/training up HR staff) and we’ve also supported HR Managers/other HR personnel when they’ve come across something more complex to deal with.

Definitely! A large part of what we do when we work with an organisation is to look at culture and employee engagement. Changing culture is not an overnight thing and takes time and dedication but with the right support from us, your business can succeed! We’ve worked with many organisations where we have taken an in-depth look into the culture of a business and put measures in place to change and improve the business and people’s perceptions of it. Talk to us for further detail and how we can support your business in doing this.

Inspire Excellence partners with breatheHR which is a great, online HR solution. It’s easy to use, cost effective and Inspire Excellence are happy to recommend Breathe.

However, we also understand that breatheHR may not be suitable for all organisations so if you want a HR software solution, we will work with you to understand your specific requirements and then source and implement a solution that will work for you and your business.

Yes. We can come in to support your business as required for ad hoc work. For example, you might just need someone external to chair a formal meeting, do the outcome and then that’s it. We’ve come into businesses to chair investigations, disciplinaries, appeals, grievances, sick/welfare meetings, consultation meetings and many more!

Sometimes organisations just want an external, unbiased person to come in. Sometimes the team inhouse doesn’t have the expertise if the matter is complex, sometimes the person at the centre of the meeting is senior and an external person is more appropriate. There are many reasons why you might prefer an external HR consultant to assist and we’re happy to support businesses in this way.

These are F.A.Q’s we get asked a lot. We can work with businesses in a number of ways – our priority is to make sure we tailor our services to exactly what YOU want so you are not paying for things you don’t need. The Company can complete work via a day rate, we can set a project price for set pieces of work and we can work with your business long term by way of regular monthly payments. We can work remotely and support via email/phone and/or we can be onsite as often as you need us – it’s really up to you!

Yes. Inspire Excellence can work with your business for a certain period of time to complete a project. For example, TUPE projects, mergers, redundancy programmes, change programmes to name a few! This is part of the services we offer as a HR consultancy.

We can! We can support your business for as long or as little as you would like. Many of our loyal clients work with us as long-term partners (paid for on a monthly basis). We have packages to suit all sizes of business and we can support remotely via email/phone and/or we can be onsite too – it’s up to you! Get in touch to discuss the different packages we offer and how we can support you.

We work with a broad range of industries. Some of which include; retail, hospitality, facilities management, entertainment, financial services, telecoms, insurance, commercial services and more!

We’re used to tailoring documentation, policies and procedures to fit different industries (and organisations within those industries) so you can be reassured we can help you.

I would recommend at least annually and then also when any new piece of legislation comes in that may affect employee’s rights (e.g. when GDPR came in). Make sure everything is kept up to date!

Keeping a handbook (and any other documentation) up to date is crucial and we get many F.A.Q’s around this subject. If you fail to keep documentation up to date, you could be leaving your business wide open from a litigation point of view. Changes to the handbook might include legislative changes, social changes, technological changes and any company changes. It’s amazing how quickly documentation can become outdated so pencil in (at least) an annual review of your documentation to ensure you’re up to date and that all documentation, policies and procedures are current and fit for purpose.

These are the more popular F.A.Q’s we get asked but if you have a question that’s not listed here then please do get in touch!

"In a networked world, trust is the most important currency."

Eric Schmidt

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“Krystyna has worked with me over the last six years on a variety of focus areas. Initially she offered HR guidance, often on a day to day level helping me become the best version of myself. She gave advice and shared techniques to allow me to develop myself personally which in turn lead to success in my career.

Following on from this, I really trusted her and felt I could open up a bit more which then lead to her helping me with some more personal issues. She helped me open up and see the root of some of my feelings and challenges and over different types of sessions helped me deal with and work through them rather than just hiding them away.

She helped me understand myself better and find clarity in areas I had struggled with for a long time. Our most recent journey together involved her support initially on a HR guidance situation, however as always, she goes the extra mile and also became a personal support giving me additional perspective on the situation helping me work through it in the best possible way from start to finish.

I would happily recommend Krystyna to anyone looking for support on anything HR related to those looking to work on themselves or others for personal and professional development too.”

C Bird Senior Account Manager, ITG

“Krystyna is down to earth and I have found her easy to work with through a number of challenging organisational situations including staff transfers, restructures and complex employment cases.

Krystyna achieves commercial outcomes and hasn’t been afraid to do things a bit differently in order to achieve the right business result, showing effective balance between real world HR, employment regulation, and commercial business interests”

M Huddleston Partner, OTB Eveling

“Krystyna knows how to help you get the best out of yourself. She has a calm and warm manner, balanced with curiosity and challenge. I always feel at ease when I am with her and I have found our discussions extremely rewarding.

Krystyna helps me to identify what my priorities are and how I can address them, and she’s also a great sounding board. Krystyna has a deep and extensive knowledge of HR & employment legislation and has always provided me sound and realistic advice.

Krystyna has supported me through significant life and career decisions, and I now class her a trusted friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

RK Public Service Provider

“Krys is a strong HR leader, who is knowledgeable about all areas of employment law and provides clear direction and guidance to her direct reports and business partners.

She is well respected by all levels of management for her personal expertise and the coaching approach that enables her to bring out the best in others.”

K Tomlinson People Development Evangelist

“During my 3 years with the business, Krystyna played an instrumental part in helping me manage the BAU HR needs of the business, delivering pragmatic HR solutions and advice to help get the best from the operation and team.

Krystyna’s council was both sought, valued and trusted as an HR specialist, enabling me to ensure that the business operated in a legally compliant way, providing sound guidance for a range of HR issues and considerations.

Further to delivering BAU HR into the business, I worked closely with Krystyna on a number of strategic projects aimed at enriching the culture and developing the talent within the team. Krystyna always impressed me with her top down thinking approach whilst working on these projects; able to clearly see the big picture, the desired outcomes, and work backwards from those to identify the key actions needed.

More than all these however, Krystyna’s key strength for me, lays in her ability to make HR work for the business that she’s in and it’s that ability to apply her wide generalist HR knowledge to fit the business operating model, that truly sets Krystyna apart from all other HR Professionals I’ve worked with over the years.”

L Cowell Operations Director

“Excellent HR consultant – has provided my companies with grounded, risk averse and effective HR policy and services. She’s helped us avoid many potential disasters by planning ahead, and when problems arise, helped us overcome potential liabilities and costs. Highly recommended – a real pearl.”

V Samios Country Manager and Director at Portanova UK Ltd

“Krystyna is a very experienced HR professional with a can do attitude and excellent employment law knowledge. She is commercially aware and works with managers to achieve the best result.”

P Pitt HR Manager

“On a recent project Krystyna was engaged to oversea operational HR in an area of the business that required excellent organisational skills as being able to support line managers with their HR responsibilities. She supported the transition of paper based HR onto a HRIS platform which enabled more accurate reporting. Krystyna is an extremely knowledgeable HR professional with a calm approach to the task in hand. She is totally reliable and executes her responsibilities in an efficient manner. She has an engaging style and I found her collaborative approach extremely helpful. I look forward to working with Krystyna on other projects.”

L Harper HR Consultant

“The year that I worked with Krystyna I have found fer to be an extremely focused and committed HR/Business professional. I have been impressed by her approach to solve business problems related to people at work. She comes up with newer perspectives and she proposes solutions that are creative as well as aimed at solving issues on a long-term basis. Another attribute of Krystyna that gives her an edge is her ability to keep her head high in challenging situations and move things forward.”

Avesh Senior Vice President, HGS

“We have been working with Krystyna for some time, she has worked closely with us to refine and develop our internal systems as well as improving our HR compliance. Krystyna has made a number of significant positive changes to how we work with our people, and has not been afraid to challenge us and question how we operate so improvements can be made to how we do things. She gives honest straight forward advice and has always been available to speak to or attend our stores. We believe we made the right move changing our HR advisors and moving the business to Krystyna.”

M Loseby Head of Retail

“Easy to work with quickly understood a very complex brief Deal with difficult employe with union representation and delivered a cast iron outcome on time in full”

D Cooper Group HR Manager - at Doric Group

“Krystyna provided HR consultancy works during a period of rapid change in the organisation, I would highly recommend her in all aspects.”


“Krystyna provided HR consultancy services to our organisation on a complex change programme. She was professional, detailed, focused and customer driven in all aspects. I highly recommend her services.”

M Tasker Energy Sector Senior HR Business Partner, HR Manager, Employee Relations Specialist

“Krystyna is an absolute breath of fresh air. She has fantastic knowledge of all things HR and offers expert advice and practical solutions. She fit into our team from day one and never felt like a ‘consultant’ – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

B Crook Head Of Corporate Services / Company Secretary at Pennington Choices
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