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“Krystyna has worked with me over six years on a variety of focus areas. Initially, she offered outsourced HR guidance (often on a day to day basis) which helped me to become a better manager. In addition, she gave advice and shared techniques to allow me to develop myself personally. As a result, this lead to success in my career.

Following on from this, I really trusted her and felt I could open up a bit more. Because I trusted Krystyna, this consequently lead to her helping me with some more personal issues. She helped me open up and therefore see the root of some of my feelings and challenges. Over different types of sessions she helped me deal with, and work through things, rather than just hiding them away.

Due to her coaching background, Krystyna helped me understand myself better and find clarity in areas I had struggled with for a long time. Our most recent journey together involved her support initially on another HR guidance situation, however as always, she goes the extra mile. She also became a personal support and gave me additional perspective on the situation. This finally helped me to work through it in the best possible way from start to finish.

As a result, I would happily recommend Krystyna to anyone looking for support on anything HR related, to those looking to work on themselves (or others)and  for personal and professional development too.”

Charlotte Bird, Senior Account Manager, ITG

“Krystyna is down to earth and I have found her easy to work with. We have worked through a number of challenging organisational situations, including staff transfers, restructures and complex employment cases. She is a great person to go to and very knowledgeable if you are seeking outsourced HR!

Furthermore, Krystyna achieves commercial outcomes and hasn’t been afraid to do things a bit differently in order to achieve the right business result. She shows an effective balance between real world HR, employment regulation, and commercial business interests. In conclusion, I would be happy to recommend Krystyna.”

Matthew Huddleston, Partner, OTB Eveling

“Krystyna knows how to help you get the best out of yourself. She has a calm and warm manner, balanced with curiosity and challenge. As a result, I always feel at ease when I am with her and I have found our discussions extremely rewarding and also thought provoking!

Krystyna helps me to identify what my priorities are and how I can address them, and she’s also a great sounding board. Additionally, she has a deep and extensive knowledge of HR & employment legislation and has always provided me sound and most of all, realistic advice.

Finally, Krystyna has supported me through significant life and career decisions and I now class her a trusted friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone and any company looking for outsourced HR.”

RK, Public Service Provider

“Krys is a strong HR leader, who is very knowledgeable about all areas of employment law and HR in general. Additionally, she provides clear direction and guidance to her direct reports and business partners while building strong relationships across the business.

Most of all, she is well respected by all levels of management for her personal expertise and coaching approach which enables her to bring out the best in others. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending Krystyna and Inspire Excellence to anyone seeking HR, Coaching and Training support”

Kathy Tomlinson, People Development Evangelist

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