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Hi there and welcome to my HR articles / Blog page!

Writing HR Articles and/or blogs can be challenging; Firstly, what do you write about? When everything is so easily accessible on the net and there’s so much information out there, how do you write something unique and interesting? Finally, how do you get your points across in a way that will (hopefully) resonate?

Here you’ll find an ever growing collection of HR articles and blogs written by me on subjects I feel are relevant and with the hope I may be able to assist and guide others. I promise to try and make the articles interesting, informative and I will even add a healthy dose of humour where I can!

I will try to retain a sense of simplicity when approaching some of these subjects. All too often I read articles and attend seminars where the subject matter is made to be so much more complicated than it actually needs to be (note to self: perhaps that is an article in waiting!). Consequently, I hope to break some of the information down for you in these HR articles and keep it as simple as possible!

Finally, I may also add HR articles and/or blogs by other people. Mainly if I come across something I feel will really help and inform others. Hopefully you will enjoy reading the HR articles / blogs and will find them useful. Enjoy!

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