3 Tools To Help Build Confidence
Our confidence levels can be affected by many different elements including, our past experiences, childhood memories, previous criticism, poor relationships, in fact for you it may be a combination of these. When we struggle with low confidence it can, and often does impact all areas of our lives. You may be finding it difficult building new or maintaining existing relationships, trying new things, reaching goals and or living the life you really want to. The good news is that those things holding you back are learned behaviours and as you’ve learned them, you got it, you can unlearn them! And I’m here today to show you how. I won’t say it’s going to be easy to do as change rarely is, it will be worth it though! When it comes to building confidence, it’s about keeping things simple, small changes equal big changes as all. Here’s some simple and tested tools that you can use to help you when you struggle with a dip in confidence:
  1. Understanding: The first steps are always the hardest, and it doesn’t come any harder than when it comes to challenging our internal thoughts and beliefs. What is holding you back, what is that inner critic telling you? I find writing them out really helps get them out of your head and into a physical form can somehow make them more manageable. Journaling works well for me here, however, its about finding what works for you, feel free to experiment with things like journaling, meditation etc. This task really will take a new level of honesty from you, you’re going to need to dig deep to really challenge your beliefs and where they came from so you can let them go.
  2. Positive self-talk: You now understand your limiting beliefs, you’ve challenged them so what’s next? It’s now time to switch up the language you use to yourself, I can guarantee you won’t talk to others in the same way you have been to yourself. I know I don’t, I’m not sure I’d have many friends or a partner if I did…..! I like to use affirmations to help reframe my mind, or a famous quote or two works too. Inner work can be the most challenging work to do so please be kind to yourself and put practices in place that will support your success. I post those quotes and affirmations EVERYWHERE, I repeat them several times a day, and focus on them before I start my day and at the end too. TIP: bring others into your journey. Surrounding yourself with a good network of support will help you achieve those changes easier. Engaging with a coach here too can really help you to shift the needle.
  3. Reflection & Celebration: No matter where you are in your journey its always good to stop and appreciate how far you have come. TIP: you’re on your own journey path, try not to compare to others especially when you have no idea if they’re on day 1 or day 300, it will steal your joy! And let’s not forget to celebrate ALL the wins along the way, however small they may be!!
I’ll leave you with my final TOP TIP: look at where you’re getting your information from. Try and limit things like the news, social media scrolling, and those who bring negative energy to your world. To really shift your vibrations, fill your time with those things that make your soul happy, spend time with people who bring positive energy. Not only will this make you feel better it will also free up some time to work on you!