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6 Month Coaching Package

This is the big one! Our chance to delve DEEP and make a lasting and sustainable change!

Are you ready?!

Have you ever asked yourself what you could achieve if you knew you could not fail?

What is stopping you going for what you really want? Are you ready to make lasting change? To progress? To achieve?

Do you really understand yourself? Your limiting beliefs? Your behaviour? Why you act and react to things the way you do?

Do you have strategies in place to get you to where you want to go?

These are just some of the things we’ll cover as part of the six-month coaching package.

This is my best value package! Six months really gives us the opportunity to delve deep into all aspects of your coaching requirements and do work on a really deep level. It also gives us the chance to set strong foundations in place and then grow and make lasting and sustainable change.

By really working from the ground up and from the inside out, we really work on and implement strategies that are going to take you way into the future! Things that you are able to take forward on your own, once our time together comes to an end. I’m all about giving you the tools and techniques you need to succeed!

What you’ll get

This is my best value package as six months is a great period of time to work together and really make deep changes.

The package consists of weekly coaching sessions* with unlimited email support as required, in between sessions.

Through this package we will look at every aspect of your personal life and career/business to ensure you’re balanced and have the right strategies in place for massive growth.

There will be prep before each session, you will get homework and exercises to practice in between sessions and you will also receive bonus materials from me.

We’ll also complete a DiSC profile for you, which is a brilliant self-assessment tool, used by more than one million people around the world each year! It’s a great way to start understanding your styles and behaviours, which in turn will help you communicate effectively with other people (whether at work or in your personal life).

* Sessions can be spread out over a longer time frame if required.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth”

John Whitmore

This package is for you if…

You really want to achieve massive growth and make lasting change!

You’ve also got to be ready to work on your challenge(s)and be ready to do the work and invest in yourself and your future.

The six-month package is for those individuals really wanting to work deeply on themselves and who want to make a significant change.

With Breakthrough sessions or shorter packages, it might be to tackle one thing right now. While we address things that come up (as they come up) on the six-month package too, the longer package really gives us time to work on a much deeper and more comprehensive level.

As part of this programme, we’ll dive into the subconscious to tackle self limiting beliefs, we’ll look at your stories – things around self worth, self esteem, anxiety – whatever it is that challenges you personally. We’ll dive into really understanding yourself and others, we’ll look at relationships (personal and business), success strategies, business/career goals and development and so much more.

I am all about working with clients to achieve results!

so we’ll look at practical, tangible steps you can take to progress and we’ll address anything that you feel is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

It’s the most comprehensive package on offer and creates huge growth for my clients.

What everyone is saying!

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Charlotte Bird

Senior Account Manager, ITG

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Nicola Smith

Assoc CIPD & Director at NCS HR

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Janika Koller

Renewals Account Manager, Flexera Software

Why work with me

I’m Krystyna, the Founding Partner of Inspire Excellence, a leading HR, Coaching & Training Consultancy. I’ve spent over twenty years working with people at all levels, across a broad range of sectors. It was my dream was to do something a little differently and to have my own business where I could use my experience and knowledge to work with a variety of different individuals and organisations as a trusted partner, to help them achieve success!

In terms of coaching/training/mentoring, as a Fellow of the CIPD and someone highly committed to personal development, I have a real fascination with human behaviour. I have studied and qualified in a wide range of disciplines over the years, including NLP, psychology, CBT, EFT and various coaching qualifications, including the ILM Coaching & Mentoring Diploma. Through my coaching, training and mentoring, I bring business knowledge together with personal development, which enables me to really understand the needs of the individuals involved, in order to effect change quickly and with impact.

Aside from all of that though, I know what it’s like!

Coming from a single-parent family and having to work hard for everything I’ve achieved so far, I understand a lot of the challenges and obstacles people face on a daily basis. I’ve had my own huge ups and downs, my own challenges to face and my own insecurities to conquer!

In addition to that, I worked my way to the top in the field of HR, ending up as a HR Director for a large Global Organisation with over 40,000 Employees. I was the only female Director in the UK/Europe area and it was pretty lonely at the top! It can be hard for those starting out or working their way up, but it can also be difficult for those people in Senior Management / Business Owner positions too. That’s why I work with people at all levels – often the challenges faced are more similar than you think!

I understand so many of the things my clients face because I’ve been there myself. I’ve now made it my life’s work to help other people and give them the support, the tool and techniques to help them navigate challenges, lay solid foundations and be able to grow exponentially.

I’m a great believer in fate and if you’re here, on my website it’s for a reason!

Please do get in touch via the form below, I would love to find out more about you and how I can support you in reaching your dreams!

All the best





Are you ready for massive growth? Huge change?

This package provides the most value out of all the coaching options – I know clients get so much out of this particular package!

My Clients achieve real change while working with me and we have fun along the way too.

If you’d like further information or you’re ready to start now, complete the form at the bottom of the page or click the ‘Get Started’ button below and I’ll be in touch very soon!

Payments can be made in full upfront, or the cost can be spread across the sessions with a payment plan.

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